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{"country"=>"DE", "display_option_radio"=>"inc_and_ex", "display_vat_cty"=>"all_cty", "ex_vat_brackets"=>"true", "ex_vat_order_radio"=>"inc_vat_first", "inc_display_text"=>"inc VAT", "m4u_deleted"=>"The VAT ID has been deleted.", "m4u_format_error"=>"Please enter a valid EU VAT ID.", "m4u_invalid_id"=>"This VAT ID seems to be invalid, please contact us directly.", "m4u_no_country"=>"Please enter a valid country code (e.g., DK, FR, DE,...)", "m4u_same_country"=>"We are not allowed to issue VAT exempt invoices for businesses in the same country.", "m4u_validated"=>"Your VAT ID has been successfully validated.", "m4u_vies_down"=>"The EU validation service is unavailable. Please contact us.", "price_qs"=>"&vat=20&multi_country=all_cty&show_original_price&inc_vat_first&ex_vat_brackets&int", "round_integer"=>"true", "vat_rate"=>"20", "vat_validate_account"=>"true", "vat_validate_cart"=>"true", "vat_validate_radio"=>"yes"}


This is a demo store for the Shopify App Exemptify. All orders will be ignored.

Exemptify makes your shop Euro-zone compatible. Offer VAT exempt shopping for other EU based companies and display prices including VAT.

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